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A huge thank you to our incredible sponsors and supporters, who without them Refills on Wheels would not be possible.


An incredible start-up who offer you the chance to ‘win epic prizes’. And by epic, they mean EPIC. TripHunters is a prize platform where players can win incredible at-home prizes and all-inclusive holidays and local experiences while supporting a good cause. They believe that experiences are more valuable than money and have worked hard to offer their players a wide range of prizes that are not only fun – but will create memories that last a lifetime.


A Devon based initiative who help create zero waste experiences and provide reusable party accessories. I absolutely love Lunavyrn and everything they offer as a business. I used their services when I held a community film screening for International Women’s Day earlier this year. They were able to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere that made our guests feel comfortable whilst also creating a talking point which helped bring the community together. (temporary blurb, Nicola is sending me something else to use)

Natwest Back Her Business

Plymouth City Council Change Fund

Loud & Proud

Sun Sprout

Marketing for sustainable brands, businesses, people and ideas.

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Join Earth Companion in ‘leaving minimal footprints’

Thelma: A very big loud & proud shout out to my Grandma Thelms

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