At Earthkind Events it is important to us to remain transparent in all that we do so that we are accountable for all of the sustainable promises we make.

What makes Earthkind Events a sustainable company?

Here’s just a few things we do, in order to keep ourselves sustainable. We practice what we preach!

Web Hosting

To ensure we are running our website at carbon neutral, we have chosen to host our website with DreamHost. We picked DreamHost because they implement sustainable practices in all of their day to day activities.


We prefer to keep all of our communications with clients and guests digital to stop the use of excess paper. As for our ‘personal stationary’ we only have business cards that are printed on eco-friendly paper using vegetable ink.

Keeping things local

We believe in supporting small local businesses, which is why we opt to use local businesses when sourcing supplies for our events. It also helps to keep our carbon footprint down when our suppliers do not need to travel far to the event.

Sustainable Suppliers

For any services or work that we outsource, we first look for companies whose ethos is very similar to our own.
You can see this in our Branding (by ALFA Design) and Website (by SunSprout) who share the same views.

What eco-friendly practices do we implement in our events?

We are always challenging our own practices, here’s just a few things we do at our events to keep things sustainable

Sustainable Transport

We actively encourage our guests to use public transport where possible or to arrange car share’s with others nearby.


We only work with venues who have a strong environmentally friendly ethos, and who are already implementing this in their everyday business.

Zero-waste Champions

We ensure all our events are plastic free, we work with caterers who are committed to cutting down on food waste and only use décor that can be reused. 

Event Theme

All of our events have a strong environmental focus running through them. This is the core of our business so we will only run events that are linked to sustainable living.