10 Eco-Friendly Hotels: Get Lost in the City!

Do you enjoy a weekend city break? Maybe you like to explore the history of a new city or want to plan a shopping trip away? If trying to be green both at home and away is as important to you as it is to us then look no further. We’ve put together a handy list of 10 eco-friendly city-based hotels across the UK. They are all are based within a city or within an easily commutable distance. It makes a big difference to your trip and the planet when you do a little planning in advance. Make educated decisions when choosing restaurants, hotels, spas and more.

This list is here to help make those business trips or city weekend breaks that little bit greener. If you’re looking for more ways to make your business a bit more eco-friendly – then click here.

Peebles Hydro, Edinburgh

Situated in the Tweed Valley, Peebles Hydro is both perfect for exploring the lovely little Borders towns. It is also within an easy commute to the city of Edinburgh. The environment, people, community and perseverance are at the heart of everything they do at Peebles. This is apparent in the restaurant menu full of local produce. Some of its food is grown in the Hotel’s very own kitchen garden! It doesn’t stop there – the hotel’s energy comes from their biomass boiler. A great little getaway that you can feel good about!

Peebles Hydro bedroom with a large master bed and gorgeous curtains.

The Dunstane Houses, Edinburgh

Located in central Edinburgh with just a 5-minute walk to Haymarket Station, West End, this beautiful modern yet cosy family-run hotel works hard to keep their energy consumption levels low. The Dunstane Houses use low-energy fittings and bulbs. They also use censored and key card activated lighting. We’re all about this key-card lighting, such an efficient way to make sure we’re wasting anything by being forgetful. They also have a strong commitment to recycling. Not only are they a fabulous place to stay, but also a great place to eat! They take pride in their seasonally changing menu. Constantly adjusting the items with locally grown and fresh produce. All in all, if you end up in Edinburgh – make sure you check this spot out.

The Rubens at the Palace, London

Overlooking Buckingham palace and only a few minutes walk to Victoria Station, The Rubens at the Palace is ideal for both business and pleasure. They are very aware of their responsibility to tackle environmental problems. They have even put together a green team to help implement new ways to help. The Rubens is home to the largest living wall in London. This wall creates a wildlife habitat and helps conserve energy by being a source of insulation. They also encourage guests and staff to be more energy aware by urging guests to re-use linen and towels, shop locally and to check in digitally. The Rubens uses a low carbon boiler and all their guest rooms feature fabric walls. These fabric walls act as a source of insulation. They also avoid the need for harmful paints!

Iveagh Garden Hotel, Dublin

This gorgeous spot in the heart of Dublin is changing the game. They’ve ditched the idea of solar power and have gone for something completely different. They source all – yes – ALL of their energy from a river that lives underground. They also use LED-powered lights everywhere in the building that are on a smart control making sure they’re never wasting any extra power. They’ve even replaced their traditional lifts with low energy lifts – a smart solution that had a huge impact. If you ever find yourself in Dublin, the Iveagh Garden Hotel is the place to stay.

The Queens, Leeds

Another contender on our list of 10 eco-friendly hotels – The Queens. They are a four-star hotel located right in the heart of Leeds. The building dates back to 1937 and has been beautifully maintained. As part of the Q-Hotels group, they’ve made some changes recently to become a more sustainable option for their customers, including an urge to reuse towels while you stay. Bonus fact: they’re dog-friendly!

The stunning and vibrant lobby of the Queens hotel

The Egerton House Hotel, London

In the heart of Knightsbridge, just a stone’s throw from Harrods and the V & A museum, The Egerton House Hotel holds sustainability and community at the very centre of everything they do. They have recently introduced a green calendar. They have also become members of the latest community projects. They’ve introduced many green initiatives into their daily hotel running from energy-saving lightbulbs to donating lost property to charities after 6 months, introducing biodegradable items and recycling candle wax. This is why they’ve made our list of top 10 eco-friendly hotels!

Two pugs sat on chairs in the reception area

Bloomfield House, Bath

Bath is a beautiful place to get away to. Enjoy walking around the city and visiting the old baths. With botanical gardens and lots of green space, it’s an all-time favourite for many people. But, where do you stay? The Bloomfield House is a great choice. They start each morning with a mostly organic and fair trade menu for their guests. They also have some green education for their guests as well. Relax and dim down the energy-efficient lights, enjoy the local plants, and reuse your linen during your stay! The Bloomfield House is not only a great hotel but also a group of caring people. They just want to make simple swaps and changes to keep our planet green!

The Queensberry Hotel, Bath

A beautiful independent boutique hotel in the middle of Bath is making big changes to help reduce their impact on the environment. Their food products and other operational products are sourced locally where possible, a new boiler system was introduced in 2008 which has seen a 25% reduction in their energy consumption levels. They are also replacing all possible cleaning products and chemicals with non-toxic environmentally friendly alternatives. The reuse of towels and bedding by guests is highly encouraged to reduce water usage and chemicals and they have introduced environmental champions across the hotel to help monitor and improve procedures.

Queensbury Hotel Entrance in Bath

The Greenhouse Hotel, Bournemouth

The Greenhouse Hotel is known for two things: luxury & sustainability. They offer their guests free electric charging stations for electric vehicles upon their arrival. During their stay, everything will be heated with the power of the sun. The rooms use wool sourced from the UK and wallpaper that is made from vegetable ink. All of their staff are trained on sustainability, their kitchen is seasonal and local, their beers and wines are ethically sourced – even their company car runs off of excess kitchen oil! They really are pioneers when it comes to running a sustainable hotel.

Berkeley Suites, Bristol

Located within walking distance of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and with a view of the amazing Wills Memorial Building, Berkeley Suites is in an ideal location for any business meetings you may have in Bristol or just for exploring the city. Berkeley Suites makes up for one-quarter of Quarter Ltd who strive to give their customers the best individual experiences whilst also making their products even better, green and more community-focused. Hot water at the hotel is powered by solar panels and the restaurant serves a seasonally inspired and locally sourced menu.

Green Guest Rewards

On top of these incredible and beautiful top 10 eco-friendly hotels, it’s also worth taking note of a few hotels offering their customer’s rewards for being a ‘green’ guest.

  • Holiday Inn offer you a reward of up to 500 IHG Reward Club points per night when you participate in their ‘Greener Stay Programme.’
  • Lindner Hotels & Resorts offer everything in their mini-bar for free- anything from snacks, drinks and alcohol when you decide to opt-out of housekeeping.
  • Whilst Martin’s Hotels guests are given a list of good green practices for their stay, guests can then earn up to 50 eco vouchers by participating in good eco-friendly practices like taking public transport or re-using towels.

We’d love to know if you’ve heard of any other hotels offering similar rewards to their guests – comment below to share your eco-friendly hotel tips.

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