10 easy ways to start living sustainably today

You may think introducing a more sustainable way of life would be really complicated or difficult but you’ll be surprised at how many quick and easy daily changes you can make to start living more sustainably. We have put together a list of 10 easy steps you can take today to start your sustainable journey.

Reduce your use of single-use plastic goods.

Start switching out some of your everyday single-use plastics with reusable items that will last a lifetime.

Picture of plastic free toothbrush and cotton buds.
  • Swap your plastic water bottles for a reusable one.
  • Switch out your plastic straws for metal, bamboo or glass ones or stop using one altogether.
  • Next time you fancy a takeaway coffee, grab yourself a reusable coffee cup and use this time and time again instead of using disposable cups.
  • Carry around a reusable bag so you’re always prepared when you head to the shops and won’t need to pick up a pesky plastic bag.

Switch to paperless billing and banking.

Log onto your online banking today and opt-out of posted bank statements, give your energy suppliers a quick call whilst you’re at it and ask them to send you digital bills instead of paper ones. Something as simple as unsubscribing to unwanted email newsletters can lessen the energy servers use to send them out and did you know you can opt-out of junk mail by contacting Royal Mail?

Walk, Cycle, Public Transport or Car Share?

Next time you head out of your house consider whether you can walk or cycle to your destination. If works a little too far to walk or cycle then maybe you could lift share with a nearby work colleague or jump on the bus or train.

Recycle and Reuse.

Check your local Councils recycling policies to ensure your recycling everything you can and before throwing items away consider whether you could reuse in another capacity. Have a go at upcycling your existing furniture and remember to donate or sell your unwanted furniture, clothes and household goods before throwing in the bin! 

Fence made of Recycled Bikes
Fence made from recycled bikes

Turn off your lights and unplug electronics.

Switch off your lights when you leave the room and unplug your electronics, something as simple as remembering to switch off the power can help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by power stations. Swapping out your old bulbs for low energy or LED bulbs can help too and don’t forget to open the curtains to fill your house with all that beautiful natural sunlight!

Shop secondhand.

If you need to purchase something today have a look through your local online selling pages and check out the local charity and secondhand shops before buying new. You will probably find exactly what you’re after for a fraction of the price of buying new, you’ll be reducing waste and giving something a second lease of life.

Woman searching through clothes at a charity shop

Meal Planning.

Plan your meals ahead of time and before you complete your food shop, planning your meals and buying only for what you need not only helps with your food budget but will also help reduce and food waste your household might produce.

Shopping for food.

Before heading to the supermarket check whether you have any local greengrocers, butchers and/or zero waste shops you can make use of. When you do head to the supermarket don’t use the single-use plastic bags they provide, instead take your own bags and containers for your fruit, vegetables, cheese and meats.

An array of food - all plastic free.

Pick up litter.

One of the easiest things you can easily do in your daily life is litter picking, if you happen to come across rubbish on your daily commute to work, on your evening stroll or your family day at the beach then don’t be afraid to pick it up. Don’t let it make its way into our waterways, instead ensure it ends up where it needs to be- whether that be recycling or general waste.

Litter by the beach

Share knowledge.

Something that we do every day is to talk and discuss things with family, friends and colleagues. Try striking up a conversation about sustainable living and the things you are trying to do to improve your impact on the world. Share some blogs on social media. When they see how easy and beneficial being good to the environment can be, they may start to make simple changes themselves and pass on the knowledge to others. The more we help each other to understand the small steps, the bigger difference we can make as a whole.

We’d love to know what you think

We want to know what small changes you decide to make and if you have any other quick and easy changes you can suggest to us then we’d love to hear them. Leave us a comment below or head over to our Facebook group.

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