Naomi @ Earthkind

What is sustainable living?

Sustainable Living – it’s a common phrase these days, but what exactly is it all about? You may be asking yourself questions like ‘How can I live sustainably?’ or ‘Why is Sustainable Living important to me?’. But, with it being such a big topic, it can feel a little overwhelming, so at Earthkind, we want …

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Sustainability in Business: What does it really mean?

Sustainability in Business: People, Profit, Planet  Sustainability in business is such a huge topic. It covers a wide range of activities within the workplace. Business sustainability goes far beyond a company implementing environmentally friendly practices. From staff development, business longevity, financial security and the impact of the business on the environment – sustainability is really …

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How To: Sustainable Business Travel

In 2018 alone, there were 6.6 million business trips taken to the UK and 8 million taken from the UK. As these figures show, many people are travelling as part of their job; and the number of business trips is increasing every year. Sustainable business travel is an important discussion that we all need to start having. Have you ever stopped to consider the impact of corporate travel on the environment? Business travel can amount to