We are a small business with a big purpose.

At Earthkind we specialise in social and educational events all with the focus on sustainability. We believe that we can do better by the environment. We also think that each individual can make a difference if they look to make some small changes to their lifestyle. 

Being eco-friendly is at the heart and soul of our business. Everything we offer has a clear sustainable focus. We keep up to date with the current trends in both sustainability and events and implement these into our event management to ensure your event is as green as possible.

Naomi Hammonds

Earthkind Founder

Join Naomi on her journey of making sustainable living accessible for everyone.

Naomi is a traveller at heart and has been involved in many events and festivals around the globe. Travelling around the world has inspired her to start living more sustainably in order to do good by our planet.

As well as being passionate about sustainable living, Naomi is a degree qualified Events Manager and has previously worked at many Fringe Festivals and events around the world. Naomi’s passion for events has also seen her create educational overseas adventures, themed banquet dinners and bespoke corporate events. Naomi was also a co-founder of the online plastic-free store Naked Pinecone which was created to provide accessibility to eco-friendly living. She is now combining her passion for the environment and love for events to create unique Earthkind experiences for everyone and working with businesses to encourage sustainability within the workplace.

“If I only had one goal, it would be to encourage as many others to join me on this journey of ‘Earthkind’ living.”