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At Earthkind Events, we create meaningful and memorable experiences. All the events we run are centred around sustainability and plastic free living. We’re not a company who adds this in as an afterthought. Sustainability is at the forefront of our event planning; it is what we believe in and what makes us different.

Our Earthkind Retreats bring likeminded people together to learn more about living sustainably on our planet. Through workshops and laughter, you will come away with new friends and skills to support you on your own sustainable journey.

All of our retreats are hosted in beautiful countryside eco-friendly venues, giving you the perfect chance to escape from city life and chat freely with other eco warriors.


Whilst we host our own ‘green retreats’, we also offer a wide range of Earthkind event services:

Eco Event Services
Eco Event Services

At Earthkind Events, we proudly create eco-friendly and sustainable events. Our comprehensive sustainable event services include; eco-event creation, end-to-end event planning and management, eco-friendly venue and supplier sourcing, and sustainable event consultancy. We also work with bloggers and public figures to create their very own eco-retreats. So whether you’re planning a surprise party, an eco-getaway or just a day of fun with friends, get in touch to see how we can help you.

Sustainable Business Workshops
Sustainable Business Workshops

Earthkind Business is all about promoting sustainability within the workplace. We believe that implementing sustainable practices is key to any successful business, so whether you’re a ‘one man/woman band’, a large organisation, a CEO or a Caretaker, sustainability can be achieved at any level and in any role. We also offer team building with an environmental focus, and eco-friendly corporate event planning.

Earthkind Bespoke Services
Earthkind Bespoke Services

Are you looking for something totally unique that we haven’t already covered in our list of services? No problem! Here at Earthkind we offer a range of Eco-friendly solutions tailored to your needs. We go above and beyond business and events. Our experts will work one on one with you to create a beautiful new experience that was curated specifically for you! Why not reach out to us today and see what we can do for you?


At Earthkind Events it is important to us to remain transparent in all that we do so that we are accountable for all of the sustainable promises we make.


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